VIP Studio Sessions Supports the Planning and Running of Successful Projects

VIP Studio Sessions provides direct support with schools including one-to-one telephone support to get you up and running.

When we see schools start to become active with VIP, that’s when we like to get involved. We listen to batches of students’ works and feed back to the teachers and really create open dialogue with the teachers.

Max Wheeler, VIP Content Author

Here a teacher talks about a rap project to Year 9 students:

…... bearing in mind those students have got lower levels of literacy. The fact that as we went round the class each one of them had something (a rap lyric), some of them had whole sections, some of them just had a line, but they all had something, which I know the English department will really appreciate.

Anthea Roue, Head of Music, New Rickstones Academy, Essex

Here is an example of a successful Year 7 project ran at Castleford Academy:

…It’s working really well in terms of motivation. I followed your advice and played them lots of ‘brilliant examples’ as well as examples where pupils hadn’’t followed the tutorials and as a consequence their work didn’t sound as good. It seems to have worked as all are following the videos really well. There’s a real buzz around the school about the competition. I went into the year 7 assembly to publicise it and have put posters up all round school.

Rosie Weatherley, Head of Music, Castleford Academy, Wakefield

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